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Development history of water treatment chemicals

Oct 26, 2016

Water treatment chemicals and said water treatment agent, in 70 generation, also was said it for water stable agent, main refers to industrial water treatment by with of chemical drug, including cooling water, and boiler water and oilfield water, industrial water treatment with of resistance scale agent, and sustained corrosion agent, and dispersed agent, and sterilization out algae agent, and elimination bubble agent, and flocculation gel agent, and except oxygen agent, and sludge regulation agent and river mixture,. Water and wastewater treatment with coagulant and include flocculant in water treatment chemicals. In addition, activated carbon and ion exchange resins are also important water treatment chemicals.

Water treatment chemicals sales around the world in 1992 to 2.837 billion dollars (don't include activated carbon and ion exchange resins, additives and inorganic coagulants), in which the United States US $ 1.479 billion, US $ 483 million in Western Europe, and Japan US $ 575 million. According to statistics, the United States there are over more than 500 companies engaged in the production of water treatment chemicals and services, their technical services. Water treatment market in Western Europe was controlled by United States companies, water treatment in Western European countries only a few companies. Organic polymer flocculant in Western Europe, particularly Pam products have a certain advantage, combined with United States insufficient production capacity of powder products, most of it was occupied by the companies in Western Europe, several firms in Western Europe from Japan snatched the manufacturers: hush things up and parts of the Middle East market. Japan engaged in production and technical service of the company is also a lot of water treatment chemicals, and cooling water treatment chemicals manufacturing and technical services company with more than 20 enterprises.

Water treatment technology in China starting in the 50 's, from the former Soviet Union to introduce chemical technology has begun to use inorganic phosphate water treatment agent. 70 the introduction of large chemical fertilizer plant and began to introduce water treatment technology, is mainly to introduce United States Bell are the company's technology, early 80 from United States Nalco company introduced phosphate water treatment technology and from Japan Li Tian T-225 alkaline water treatment company to introduce formula.

On this basis, develop domestic water treatment technologies and water treatment chemicals, wastewater treatment technology starting from 60 levels, mostly secondary, flocculant and coagulant from 50 started production, but should only be used in industrial production in the 60, 80 developed a number of new agents.