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Environmental impact of snow-melting salt

Oct 26, 2016

All deicing and snow-melting salt may be products that cause minimal impact on the surrounding environment, because it is without chemical conversion, naturally occurring chemicals, almost no waste natural products, and very rich in resources and effective utilization. Under Germany technology of applied ecology, traditional de-icing salt costs 6 to 8 times more than double the price.

Rational use of snow-melting salt, has little impact on the surrounding environment. In the following winter professional maintenance personnel in a way as to ensure rational use of snow-melting salt. Excellent, professional training for maintenance personnel is very important. Also need more advanced tools for road engineers to ensure that spray the right amount of salt. These tools include detailed road weather information, GPS positioning system, thus ensuring the car in all kinds of unexpected factors under calibrate and change the spray line.

Due to the large variety of snow-melting salt, local conditions, road design, local weather, traffic and geographic composition, will have an impact on the local environment. For this reason, establish a national uniform standards of the salt spray standard is not achieved.