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Flame retardant, from the source to prevent the occurrence of fire

Oct 26, 2016

Now, it is the pace of life is getting faster, effort and racing against the clock we will choose to eat fast food, so there is a lot of plastic and foam. To defer discussing the adverse effects, changing my perspective on this matter, there may be new discoveries. For example, it would present a security risk? Whether it will increase the possibility of fire? Next, join us to discuss about it.

Plastic and foam materials brought a lot of convenience to our lives, including tableware, cell phones, electrical appliances, furniture, building materials and so on. Whether they are really safe? In fact, there is a big security risk, once the fire would have brought us a great deal of damage. To this end, we should start from the source, into every detail of flame retardants. Data show that in the event of fire, flame retardant modification of the room is 15 times on safety factor is common, for people to vacate more escape time. Among them, the brominated flame retardant contributed most in this regard, through direct removal of pyrolysis reaction of free radicals, truly prevent combustion from the source.