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Snow melting salt is based on what?

Oct 26, 2016

Chloride salts the snow melt of the snow-melting agent theory is that chlorine deicing salts are soluble in water (snow), resulting in decreased the freezing point are below zero. Such as sodium chloride soluble in water after freezing at-10 c, calcium chloride at-20 ℃, acetic acid salt of up to-30 degrees Celsius.

Salt dissolves salt water freezing point depression, so after the salt is dissolved in water it is difficult to form ice again. The reason is that after the deicing salt is soluble in water, increasing ion concentration in water, liquid vapor pressure of the water drop, but the ice solid vapor pressure does not change. In order to achieve balanced coexistence of ice-water mixture is equal to the vapor pressure of solid and liquid state, it melts. Sprinkle the snow-melting agent to remove ice and snow.