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Snow melting salt must not eat

Oct 26, 2016

In order to prevent rain and snow icy roads cause inconvenience to trips, cities will be on the side of prepared snow-melting salt for the Sub in a timely manner on the road, so you can prevent roads from freezing, but would like to remind you here, snow-melting salt, industrial salt, inedible, so members should not freeloaders, along the snow-melting salt.

Snow melting salt, industrial salt, heavy metals and other impurities, and added inhibitor, not salt, are edible, and can not be used to processed foods such as pickles, and so on. If ingested can cause physical discomfort, excessive consumption or even life-threatening. Snow-melting agent is potassium acetate and chloride, the main ingredient, it by lowering the melting temperature to remove the snow on the roads, the effect is obvious. Common chloride salts such as potassium chloride, coarse purification of industrial salt such as sodium chloride, some non-powder spraying snow melt agent used is methanol, ethylene glycol alcohol used for reducing the crystallizing point of ice-water mixture also can be understood as automobile antifreeze. Purification of crude salt because it contains other impurities cannot swallow, rinse in a timely manner.