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Swimming pool should minimize the use of copper sulfate

Oct 26, 2016

Copper sulfate is a traditional swimming pool algaecide in China has a long history of use and its effect of algae is also evident. But today, small said the swimming pool should be minimal use of copper sulphate, this is because:

Algae with copper sulfate is effective, but only inhibited but not completely kill it on algae. And copper sulfate belongs to heavy metal, using too much will has side effects, on human harmful, even is at least of copper sulfate dosage also cannot 100% to guarantee not human caused hurt, and if with has less has is will up not to out algae of effect; addition if copper sulfate of copper ion in water in the exists too much, dang joined oxidation class of disinfectant (as three chlorine disinfection agent) Shi, copper ion will was oxidation into oxidation copper, makes water became black turbidity; and although it itself not belongs to dangerous goods, But you must keep in mind that it is incompatible with TCCA (trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectants) mixed use, otherwise it will cause an explosion, both of which need to be stored separately in the warehouse;

To sum up, pool or if the copper sulfate should be minimal, but instead uses safe, harmless algaecide.