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The classification of water treatment agent

Oct 26, 2016

1 General chemicals: refers to inorganic chemical products used for water treatment, such as Al2 (SO4) 3, and so on.

2 specialty chemicals: including activated carbon and ion exchange resin and polymer flocculation agents.

3 chemical formula: includes corrosion inhibitor, inhibitor, fungicides, burning additives.

Water treatment chemicals has a strong one. Application of water treatment chemicals can be divided into two broad categories.

1 purifying water: redox agent, PH adjusting agent, adsorbent, activated carbon and ion exchange resin, coagulants and flocculants etc.

2 special industrial purposes: corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibition and dispersion agent, biocide agents, softeners, etc.

Composite-type water treatment agent is the main application form, with many functions, convenient advantages.