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Basic Information About Calcium Chloride

Oct 26, 2016

Calcium chloride is a inorganic compound, consisting of a chlorine and calcium salts, as a typical Ionic halide. Characters are white, hard pieces or particles. Bitter, tasteless. Calcium chloride for ammonia desorption with outstanding adsorption capacity and low temperature, in ammonia absorption and separation has a very broad application prospects. However, calcium chloride is not easy to form a stable of porous material, with the small contact area of the ammonia, and susceptible to bloat in the adsorption and desorption processes, agglomeration, thus making it difficult to put to practical application in this regard. Calcium chloride supported on a carrier with high surface can greatly increase the contact area of calcium chloride and ammonia. Existing studies show that calcium chloride supported on zeolite composite adsorbent preparation of adsorbents have better than a single adsorption performance and stability.

Calcium chloride, a salt composed of chlorine and calcium chemical formula of CaCl2. It is a typical Ionic halide, white solid at room temperature. Common applications include refrigeration equipment used in the salt water, road ice-melting agent and seasonings. Because it easily absorbs moisture in air deliquescence [5], so calcium chloride must be sealed in a container storage. And solution of calcium chloride and its hydrate in food manufacturing, building materials, and other factors are important in medicine and biology applications.