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Calcium Chloride 74%, 77%-80%, 94%-97%

May 26, 2017

Calcium Chloride 74%, 77%-80%, 94%-97% Product Detail

Calcium Chloride 74%, 77%-80%, 94%-97%.jpg

Calcium Chloride Industry Grade & Food Grade:
1)Calcium Chloride 74% Flake, Powder, Granular, Pellet
2)Calcium Chloride 77%-80% Flake
3)Calcium Chloride 94%-97%Powder, Flake, Granular, Prills.
4)Calcium Chloride 90% Powder

Calcium Chloride application:
*Oil and gas well fluids -to boost the efficiency of drilling and the completion of wells
*Deicing agents (deicers/snow melting agent) -for sidewalk, parking lot, airport and road treatments
*Road stabilization and dust control
*Accelerators in concrete - to increase curing speed
*Industrial processing - as additives in plastics, for calcium salt production, drainage aids for wastewater treatment, etc.
*Other applications - tire ballast, hydrocarbon desiccant, refrigeration brine, food processing agent or coagulating agent and additive for foods.