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Calcium Chloride Industrial Grade Pellet

May 25, 2017

Calcium Chloride Industrial Grade Pellet Product Detail

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Calcium Chloride Industrial Grade Pellet Product Description

Calcium chloride is a kind of inorganic salts, can be classified according to morphology of solid and liquid two. Solid calcium chloride is a white crystalline solid, according to different shapes can be divided into flake, granular, chondrites and powder, at the same time as the solid calcium chloride containing water of crystallization of different, generally will be divided into calcium chloride dihydrate and anhydrous calcium chloride.

Because the calcium chloride ( especially solid calcium chloride ) itself has high solubility, high dissolution heat, strong hygroscopicity, low temperature water solution is not easy to ice and other unique physical properties, which is widely used in the aspects such as the winter ice and snow melting, road dust, oil drilling, moisture absorption.