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The Use Of Magnesium Chloride

Oct 26, 2016

1. in the chemical industry is an important inorganic raw materials, used in the production of magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium products, also used as an antifreeze and other raw materials.

2. in the metallurgical industry for the production of magnesium metal (obtained by melting electrolysis), and high-purity magnesia, liquid chlorine.

3. is the production of light in the building materials industry building materials such as glass tile, ceiling and floor tiles, decorative plates, sanitary ware, magnesia cement, ventilation pipes, theft-proof covers, fire doors, fire Board, wall panels, artificial marble and other construction supplies production an important raw material. Magnesium products magnesium can do high quality tile, high quality fire Board, magnesium case, magnesium cards decorated panels, light panels, abrasives, such as Fireworks, stoves, solid.

4. in other areas to do food additives, protein coagulants and snow melting agent, such as freezing agent, dust, refractory. Bittern (magnesium chloride aqueous) system made of gypsum bean curd, quality tender and delicious

5. the metallurgical industry: used for manufacturing refractory materials and line arm binders and are manufacturing raw material for smelting magnesium and second flux.

6. the machinery industry: life, magnesite can be made using mechanical boxes, triangular padded edges and furniture, are "substitute" of good material.

7. transportation industry: used for road deicing deicing salt, melts ice faster, low corrosion on vehicles, higher than the effect of sodium chloride.

8. medicine: made with magnesium chloride "halogen" can be used medicinally. Can be used as a laxative.

9. Agriculture: magnesium, potassium-magnesium fertilizers and cotton defoliant.