Calcium Bromide Anhydrous Solid or Liquid 96% and 52%

Calcium Bromide Anhydrous Solid or Liquid 96% and 52%
Product Details

Calcium bromide anhydrous Solid or liquid 96% and 52%


1. Application

Calcium bromide is mainly used as dense aqueous solutions for drilling fluids. It is also used in neuroses medication, freezing mixtures, food preservatives, photography and fire retardants.

Calcium bromide is a white powder which is odorless and reacts strongly when comes in contact of water. It is nothing but the calcium salt of a strong acid known as hydrobromic acid, which is mainly used for generating other prominent compounds. The chemical formula of calcium bromide is CaBr2 and it is used around the world as a drilling chemical. Calcium Bromide Powder is used in freezing mixtures, neuroses medication, photography, fire retardants and food preservatives. However, it is used widely as a completion fluid and aids in oil drilling. It helps in controlling pressure at the time of creating large holes for drilling whether for water, natural gas or oil. 

2. Features


Technical Index


White powder

Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Main content

96.0% min

52.0% min


1.0% max

0.5% max


0.02% max

0.01% max

PH Value(5% Solution)




No reaction

No reaction

Heavy metal(Calculated with Pb)

5ppm max

5ppm max

Water insoluble

1.0% max

0.3% max



1.7g/cm3 min


25kgs PE/pp bags or 1000 kg ton bag packing

Blue colored PE drum 340 kg/drum or 1000 liter IBC drum

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